What do we do at Cevirgen?

Offering translation services in more than 40 languages
with an experienced team of dedicated linguists based on any content you may need,
Cevirgen also provides additional "Editing" and "Proofreading" support.

A large team of linguists with a variety of competencies

Your documents are meticulously translated by linguists who meet our rigorous HR policies.

Linguist support based on the type of document

In order to ensure 100% success in translation, we bring you together with linguists specialized in their respective fields, based on the document you send. Expert in academic, medical and legal translations, as well as translations in the fields of engineering, marketing, technology and software, our linguists guarantee the kind of tone you wish to achieve in your content.

Rigorous checks prior to delivery

Your translations at Cevirgen undergo a thorough review for grammar and spelling before being approved by the quality department and delivered to you.

Timing is everything

We are committed to acting with sensitivity throughout your Cevirgen experience, which begins when you click the “Start your translation” button, including sensitivity about deadlines. Your orders at Cevirgen are delivered on time, on the date specified in our quotes.